Old School Group Break: Final Update!

It’s been a few days since I’ve mentioned anything about our break so here’s one last update. I just checked the status of our boxes and can confidently say that they will arrive tomorrow. There will be THREE boxes in our break. Like I mentioned before, we will be busting the following boxes:

1. 2002 Leaf Certified (3 hits per box)
2. 2002 SP Authentic (Approximately 3 hits per box)

As for the third box, I’m not going to name it at this moment. For now, we’ll just call it the “mystery box.” All I will say about this box for right now is that 1) It fits the criteria for boxes that I mentioned in the original post 2) It’s a product that I have never mentioned before on this site (neither in a box review or Old School Hit) and 3) The box comes with a special surprise which will be put to the side and saved for the person who wins the FEWEST cards in this break (random draw in case of tie).

As is the norm with group breaks, cards will go to the team depicted on the card. In the case of 2002 SP Authentic, there are randomly inserted Team USA cards. I’ve decided that those cards will go the team that the player currently plays for (either on the Major League club or the Minor League affiliate). If the player happens to be out of baseball, I will hold a random drawing (and include everyone) to determine who wins the card. It should also be noted that box three does give us the outside chance at triple and even quadruple game-used cards that might possibly have to be given away in a random draw. If such a thing is to occur, a draw will be held unless someone owns more than one team on the card. Boy, I bet you folks really want to know what box three is, huh?

One last thing: I’ve decided to change the format of my box breaks for our group break. Instead of throwing everything together in one big scan/really long post, I will break each box down into several posts (5-6 packs per post), just for fun (and suspense).

So check back tomorrow everyone! Good luck to all!



Posted on February 2, 2009, in Announcements. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Can’t wait. Looks like I’ll be following from work tomorrow.

    ~ night owl

  2. I can’t wait either.

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