Is it Sad…?

…that when I first saw this 2009 Topps Mickey Mantle Gold card (link posted by Cardboard Junkie)

I instantly thought about this 1999 UD Retro Mickey Mantle card?



Posted on January 31, 2009, in Announcements and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. Photo looks a lot better than the Retro…

  2. Colorization in full effect. What are those, blue palm tree leaves?

  3. Is it sad that my reaction was “great, another Mickey Mantle card”?

  4. I am color blind so it looks perfect. 🙂

  5. The modern collector has suffered from the recent Mickey Mantle overkill during the last 15 years.

    Oh sure, there are still vintage, original Mantle cards around and nothing is going to happen to those, but I’m getting tired of Topps issuing all these Mantle retro cards and it shouldn’t be that way.

    Instead of remembering him as a prized treasure in vintage Topps sets, the fact collectors can get a shiny, retro card of Mantle [seemingly] in every other Topps pack or so takes some of the mystique away.

  6. Why, Why, Why does the industry do this to the collectors?

  7. Ooh, nice catch! I never saw that card before.

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