Old School Group Break: Team Drawing!

So last night, I played around with random.org for the first time, well, probably ever to assign teams for our little break. I tried to accommodate the team interests of everyone as best I could. Those looking for a particular team got them as long as there was no competition for said team. In four cases, I held a random drawing for teams that multiple people would want (at least teams I know they collect). In each drawing, the first to top the list in three separate draws won that team. Here are the results. The winners are in bold.

Mets: Patricia (Dinged Corners), MMosley (Stats on the Back)

Dodgers: Night Owl, Free AndyLaRoche

Reds: oljoe73 (Cincy Reds Cards), Ted

Yankees: Peter (Dropped Third Strike), Sooz (A Cardboard Problem), Eric Slette (The Pettitte Pursuit)

After these four drawings, I awarded four more teams to the following people:
Braves: Brian (Waxaholic) – Dayf’s departure left Atlanta uncontested.

Tigers: Ted – Ted commented saying he’d be interested in Reds or Tigers. Since Joe won the drawing for Cincy, I automatically gave Ted his other choice.

Orioles: Beardy – I know this man is from Baltimore and I think I’ve seen somewhere that he collects the O’s.

Red Sox: Adam (Thoughts and Sox) get this one.

As for the other 22 spots, they were thrown into the randomizer with everyone’s name. Obviously, the winners from above only had their name entered into the radomizer once. To see the screenshot of this drawing, CLICK HERE. Both the name list and team list were randomized three times. Here are the overall results:

1. MMosley (Stats on the Back): Mets, Indians
2. Brian (Waxaholic): Braves, Giants
3. Jeff (I am Joe Collector): Diamondbacks, Royals
4. Night Owl: Dodgers, (Devil) Rays
5. Patricia (Dinged Corners): Cardinals, Mariners
6. Sooz (A Cardboard Problem): Yankees, Padres (trade w/ Slette)
7. Peter (Dropped Third Strike): Brewers, Marlins
8. Joe (Cincy Reds Blog): Reds, Angels
9. Adam (Thoughts and Sox): Red Sox, White Sox
10. Brad: Rangers, Pirates
11. FreeAndyLaRoche: Expos, Cubs
12. Eric Slette (The Pettitte Pursuit): Twins (trade w/ Sooz), Phillies
13. Beardy: Orioles, Rockies
14. Ted: Tigers, Athletics
15. Greg: Astros, Blue Jays

Trading teams will be permitted until the time the first box is broken. Please comment here if you decide to do so. Boxes will be ordered first thing tomorrow so there’ll be plenty of time to trade. Good luck everyone and have fun!



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  1. I wound up with both the teams I wanted? It’s like I punched the whoor known as bad luck right in the Jujoonum. Thanks.

  2. You sure did Joe! I couldn’t believe it either. Good luck!

  3. Sooz – Wanna swap the Twins for the Padres by any chance?

  4. Eric,

    That trade is good. I’ll take the Padres. So now I have the Yankees and Padres.

  5. That is an awsome team pick for me. Not only is the Red Sox my team but my 9 year old collects White Sox. Perfect. Thanks John.

  6. Sweet, I ended up w/ the O’s!

  7. I’m quite happy (obviously). Even with the Rays cards I may pull some ex-Dodgers.

  8. If anyone is interested in the Rangers and Pirates, let me know, but I’ll be totally fine with them if not. Thanks for the breaks!

  9. Night Owl – LUCKY!
    Those are the two I would’ve wanted!

    I’ll stay with my two unless someone wants them.

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