Testing the Waters (Group Break?)

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let all of you know about a little idea I had that I’d like some feedback on. Well, actually the idea isn’t mine. A little over a month ago, Dave of Fielder’s Choice held a free group break for the blogosphere when his site reached 6 months, 25,000 hits, and 200 posts (all three milestones within one week of each other). Since that time, I’ve been thinking about doing a simliar break with these differences:

1. The group break would be open to any of my readers, not just bloggers.
2. The break would consist of 15 dual-team slots rather than 30 single slots (though this could change).
3. All non-base cards will be given away. Winners will earn extra prizes of the team/player they collect.

(EDIT) Extra Details: I have no video camera so I won’t be able to record these breaks. Details on team drawing TBD (once I figure out which format will be used. See #2 above.)

As for the box(es?) itself, they would be of a product that:
1. Is from the year 2003 or older
2. Has 3 game-used or autographed cards per box
3. Features “hits” of all MLB teams (no “retired only” sets)
4. Costs less than $100.

Here are a few products I had in mind that I believe fit the criteria:
1. 2001 Fleer Genuine (previously reviewed here) – 3 GU/Autos per box, features Autographics insert set and epic Names of the Game set.

2. 2002 Leaf Certified – 3 GU per box, star-studded Fabric of the Game set.

3. 2002 SP Authentic (previously reviewed here) – 1 GU and 2-3 autos per box, Chirography cards.

If anyone has any other suggestions for a box, please let me know. Originally, I planned to do a break like this for my blog’s one-year anniversary, but that wouldn’t be until April and I didn’t want to wait. Anyway, let me know what you folks think about this. Would you be interested in participating? Does it sound like a waste of time? Again, this break would be completely free. Let me know.


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  1. What’s not to like about free cards from boxes us low-timers never opened? I like it!

  2. awwwyeahhh baby!

    Count this Braves fan in!

  3. How many boxes? One might be a tough sell, 2-4 and you might be in business.

  4. Cards for free? Interested!

  5. Jeff,

    Right now, I’m thinking of two with a possibility of a third. No more than that though.


  6. Yikes, it sounds great.

  7. I’m ALWAYS in for free cards. I like the idea of the year selection. I would be in.

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone. I added some extra details to the post. If I’m able to find close (enough) to 30 interested people, we’ll do 30 single-team slots. If not, we’ll do the 15 slot option. I haven’t figured out yet if I want to do the team drawing completely with random.org or do what Dave did and just random for teams that multiple people want.

    Sooz – I’m glad you like the year selection thing. That was the whole point. This’ll be a group break different from any others out there and anyone joining will have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Plus, a box from “2007” wouldn’t classify as an “Old School Break” anyway.


  9. I”m interested.

  10. I’d be interested, although I’d have to go into the randomizer and fight for the Yankees with everyone else. This is a great way to see new cards a lot of us returning collectors never got to see

  11. Sign me up for the Reds (if Brads55 does not want them) and the Angels.
    Also, send me your addy. I have a web cam never used because it does not work on my mac. Yours for the break.

  12. I love free cards and I really like Old School stuff. Count me in

  13. That sounds like a blast!

  14. I’d definitely be interested. Sounds cool!

  15. Count me in for sure – I’ve never been part of a group break, but the products you review make me want to.

  16. Sounds like an awesome idea. Who doesn’t like free cards? I’m in if it happens.

  17. Hey, I’d be interested in any Reds and/or Tigers…

  18. Sounds like a great idea. I just got back into collecting, so old school breaks are new school to me. Plus, I get free stuff!

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