Real Quick…

Yeah, I know this is a bit random, but who can tell me what’s wrong with this card? First one to answer correctly gets a prize!

EDIT: Night Owl was the first to give the correct answer. It was Hank Blalock who hit the winning home-run and NOT Teixeira, who wasn’t even on the All-Star roster in 2003. Peter of Dropped Third Strike will also win a prize for his creative answers.

(card belongs to Bench member lprimus)


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  1. Mark Teixeira didn’t even play in the All-Star Game in Chicago in 2003. I assume they confused him with the Rangers’ Hank Blalock, who hit the game-winning HR off L.A.’s Eric Gagne (ouch) in that game.

  2. You mean that lovely white swatch even though he’s shown wearing the gray road uniform? Or the fact that he’s half as tall as the stadium!!! *cue Godzilla sounds* How about that it was Hank Blalock that hit the home run that provided the AL with the win.

  3. Could be the scan that makes the uniform in the picture look gray. Looks gray to me. But I stick by the Blalock hitting the HR thing. I’m pretty sure that happened…didn’t it?

  4. I knew this wouldn’t take long (hence the name of the post). Night Owl, please send me your address (jhollod-at-hotmail-dot-com). I have some stuff for you.

    Peter: You got beat by just a couple minutes, but send me your address as well. As a fellow Devils fan, I have to hook you up as well.

    Thanks guys,

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