Old School Hits: 2000 SPx Winning Materials

oneillwinningmaterialsHAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!! For my first post of 2009, I present you with an “old school hit” from 2000 SPx. This hit comes from SPx’s mainstay set, Winning Materials. In 2000 SPx, there was a guarantee of one autograph or game-used card per box, with Winning Materials being seeded 1 in every 112 packs on average. As usual, each card featured two swatches of game-used material, with the majority containing jersey and bat pieces. There were a few “oddball” swatches as well, featuring caps, balls, and bases. Altogether, there were 36 different Winning Materials cards. There were 19 different players in the set, several of whom had alternate cards (with the aforementioned “oddball” swatches). Hand-numbered shortprints also exist. A select few (Griffey, Bonds, Jeter, Manny) also had autographed variations numbered to their respective jersey numbers. An update version of this set could be found in packs of 2000 UD Rookie Update and featured both veterans and players from Team USA, who won the Gold Medal at the Summer Olympics that year.

I picked this card up off the ‘Bay a couple years back for a few bucks. I’ve always thought this set was cool for two reasons. First, the Tony Gwynn from this set was one of my earliest game-used pulls. Second, my favorite player was in it (which is surprising since there are only 19 subjects)!

Anyway, I thought I’d show this card off because I actually have a box of 2000 SPx baseball incoming. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted an actual box break on here, but you all know how the holidays go! Anyway, that break will be posted next week along with some Metal Universe and other surprises. Later all…

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  1. Great card! That might still be O’Neill only multi-swatch GU card to date.

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