Old School Hits: 1998 Topps WCW/NWO Autographs

There was only one Mr. Perfect

There was only one Mr. Perfect

Inspired by this Wax Heaven post, I’ve decided to show off one of my personal favorite cards, a 1998 Topps WCW/NWO Autograph of the late Curt Hennig. Hennig made his professional debut in the (now defunct) AWA in the early 1980’s and rose to stardom under the “Mr. Perfect” moniker in the World Wrestling Federation during the latter part of the decade. Originally, Curt wasn’t even the one intended to have that gimmick, but it’s hard to believe that anyone else could’ve made it work they way he did. Curt’s natural ability and charisma led to some of the greatest matches and vignettes ever.

Hennig worked there from 1988-96 and returned in 2002 for one last hurrah. His performance at the 2002 Royal Rumble earned him a full-time spot on the roster, but after a few months, Curt was fired after supposedly fighting with Brock Lesnar on an infamous plane ride. Yes, that Brock Lesnar.

Less than a year after his release, Hennig was tragically found dead in a hotel in Florida of acute cocaine intoxication. He was just 44 and left behind four children, one of whom (son Joe) currently wrestles in a developmental program for WWE.

This trading card is from a World Championship Wrestling (where Hennig wrestled from 1997-00)  set produced in 1998. The autographed cards, a hobby exclusive, were found 1 in every 48 packs, and ranged from Hulk Hogan to well, this. These cards don’t pop up very often so when I saw this on the ‘Bay two years ago, I had to go for it. It cost me around $50 and it was well worth it. With an impressive resume that included the AWA World and Tag Titles, WCW United States and Tag Titles, and the WWE Intercontinental Title, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007. There was one glaring omission from that resume, however, and that was the WWE Championship that he never won. It’s a shame they never decided to put the strap on him. It would’ve been, well…perfect.


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  1. Macho man Randy Savage has a rap song about mr perfect that must be heard – its called perfect friend – do your best to track it down

  2. jenn Giannetto

    Curt is also my fav. Ever! I believe there is also an autographed card as far back as the WWF Classic series. It is limited though. And speaking of the Royal Rumble when he came back, as soon as he hit the ring he threw his towel at Stone Cold b4 he started hitten em! It was pretty cool when he was tied up against the rope a lil later on and spit his gum in the air and slapped it away! With 2 dudes tryin 2 throw him over.

  3. They dont make em like Curt anymore. A true alltime great.

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