Minnesota Mailday from TheTruth17

twinslotA couple days ago, a few cards that I had earned via a group break, arrived in the mail. The break, conducted by The Truth17 on Youtube,  was held on Thanksgiving and featured boxes of Ultimate Collection, Exquisite Rookie Signatures, and Premier baseball. I drew two teams, the Blue Jays and Twins. While Toronto got shut out, Minnesota did very well, as you can see. My haul consisted of:

Ultimate Star Materials Francisco Liriano
Ultimate Star Materials Joe Nathan
UD Premier Stitchings Joe Mauer 03/15
Exquisite Dual Signatures Joe Smith/Kevin Slowey 02/10

Do yourself a favor and check out/subscribe to Chad’s Youtube channel (link above). His videos cover everything from box breaks to maildays to PC showcasing, and even include a tutorial on how to throw a baseball (those of you with kids who play should watch). It should be noted that he has played professional ball for affiliates of the Braves and Rays. As far as the group break was concerned, it was the first he’d hosted on Youtube. It was a fun break and Chad was very professional through the whole thing. A big thumbs up to him. If anyone wants to trade, let me know.

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