Happy Thanksgiving!/Watch this MUST-SEE Video

Well, Thanksgiving is here once again and you know what that means. Yep, saying grace, stuffing your face, and watching the Lions stink up the place (on TV). I’m thankful for many things, my health (I battled cancer in 2004), family/friends (including you guys in the blogosphere), the money in my pocket and the roof over my head. Unfortunately, not everyone has these luxuries which brings me to the other main point of this post. A young boy from Washington named Brenden Foster was stricken with leukemia and on his deathbed, with one special wish. People from all over the country (Seattle, LA, Ohio, Florida) went out of their way to grant Brenden this wish. To hear the entire story, check out the video from ABC News here. It’s a very emotional story and honestly, you’d be pretty inhumane to not be at least a little moved.

Thanks for reading and please share this story with others. R.I.P. Brenden, you were one heck of a kid hero.


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