Old School Hits: 1999 Ultimate Victory Fame-Used Memorabilia

cepedabatThe Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 1999 was legendary. Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Robin Yount, and Orlando Cepeda were all enshrined that year and were the subjects of an early game-used set produced by Upper Deck. Randomly inserted into packs of Ultimate Victory that year was a set called Fame-Used Memorabilia, which featured bat pieces from all four inductees. In total, there were five cards in this set, one individual card for each inductee, and one special shortprinted quad-bat card featuring the entire class. The print run for each individual bat card was 350 while the print run on the quad was just 99. I found the back of this card interesting:

Third-party game-used huh?

Tons of details!

Have you ever seen a game-used back with so much specific detail? It’s the complete opposite of what you see nowadays. It even mentions the third-party thing which……..well, at least it’s not what Pacific did (scroll down).


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  1. The Robin Yount card was the very first game-used card I ever pulled from a pack.

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