Do You Remember YOUR First…?

This was the best pull of my life once...

This was the best pull of my life once...

…game-used card? Sure, they’ve lost their luster now. But remember when pulling a card with a swatch of fabric or wood affixed to it actually meant something? I know I do. My first such pull came just days before Y2K. I was at my local card shop busting packs of the then-brand new 2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond. I just HAD to spend some of my Christmas money there. The store owner, Carmine, an Italian man in his fifties who had retired from the corporate world, watched me rip away. I had opened five packs without pulling very much when I decided to “just try one more.”

In pack number six, one card stood out. One of the middle cards had a streak of white running down the side and I knew I had something. When I revealed the card, I stood there in shock. Actually, I stood there with my mouth open saying “holy crap!!” I had just pulled my first ever game-used card, a 2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond A Piece of History Mike Piazza bat card. These cards were seeded 1 in every 179 packs on average. That’s a rate of only 1 in every 6 boxes!

It was my best pull to date. So what would I do with it? Keep it? Sell it? Ultimately, I traded it to Carmine a couple weeks later. As excited as I was to possess that little chip from Mike Piazza’s bat, I knew he would enjoy the card a heck of a lot more than me. He was a lifelong Dodgers fan with a great fondness for Piazza, despite the fact that he was no longer with Los Angeles (must have been the Italian thing). In return, I received some Yankee inserts and various other star rookies for my collection (including a Clemens Donruss) and a small pile of packs. The packs, of course, were of 2000 Black Diamond. At this point, I was just concentrating on a base set and seeing what I could pull. But then….

This was not....but was still nice.

This was not....but was still nice.

Lightning struck twice!! Are you kidding? ANOTHER game bat card? Granted, the player’s not as nice as Piazza (literally). Still, I was happy to pull my second-ever bat card, but like the first one, this did not stay in my collection for very long. I traded it away shortly after pulling it.

I wouldn’t own a copy of either of these cards again until 2005. It was then that I started a little project. Influenced by some members of The Bench, I decided to complete an actual game-used set. Guess which one I chose. Almost immediately after deciding on the A Piece of History set, I found the first two pieces of the puzzle on the forum. I bought them from another member for about $2 each. The players? Raul Mondesi and Andruw Jones.

2000 Black Diamond Piece of History Set

2000 Black Diamond Piece of History Set

After about a year of searching through various forums and World’s Greatest Marketplaces, my set was finally complete. I owned a copy of all nineteen cards of the POH set. Here’s the checklist:

Albert Belle
Barry Bonds
Jose Canseco
Darin Erstad
Ken Griffey, Jr.
Vladimir Guerrero
Tony Gwynn
Todd Helton
Derek Jeter
Andruw Jones
Chipper Jones
Travis Lee
Raul Mondesi
Mike Piazza
Cal Ripken, Jr.
Alex Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez
Scott Rolen
Mo Vaughn

Well, there’s the story of my first game-used card. I got lucky, pulled a huge card, traded it, got some good value out of it, and bought it years later for dirt cheap in order to complete a set that doesn’t mean a thing to most people (I am not most people). What’s your story?

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  1. How could I forget my first game used card, my friend wanted to walk to the card shop literally 5 miles away, he bribed me with a pack of cards when he bought his, he kept to his word one pack of the 1997 upper deck, out in the parking lot opened the pack and BAM Tony Gywnn Game jersey, the first in history of game used. I did not no what to think, he was mad as hell though. I did not keep it though, I don’t remember what I did with it, but it was cool considering the odds and because I didn’t want to walk to the shop by the end of the day it was all worth it.

  2. I wasn’t actively collecting cards from around the time of the strike until about 2002, so I missed out on the early game-used era.

    My first game-used pull came from a pack of 2002 Upper Deck 40-Man Roster cards – it was a Ken Griffey card. I was extremely excited – at least until I checked to see what they were selling for on eBay. I figured I may as well hang onto it, and it’s sat in a box ever since.

  3. Wasn’t that long ago. I bought a pack of 07 Legendary Cuts. In it was a Paul Molitor jersey. It was sweet! That’s long gone, and I’ve acquired and traded away many other GU cards since then. It’s still pretty sweet to rip a pack and find one in there.

  4. Nice stories guys. It’s interesesting to see the wide range of years from 1997-last year. Thanks for the responses!

  5. I remember my first game used card. It came out of 1999 MVP. I was at a card show and that product was really cheap for like $30 a box and the guy had 3 boxes and a game used card came 1:3 boxes so i bought a box, of course i got nothing so i bought another and nothing again. then i bought the last box and finally i pulled my first game used card and it was a game used glove of Tim Salmon. not the greatest player ever but i didnt care, i was soooooo excited and of course i bragged to my friends (but that didnt last long because the next week my friend pulled a Derek Jeter auto/jersey, haha).

  6. mine was a 2008 topps Ryan Howard patch

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