New Feature! Old School Hits: 1997 Donruss Signature Millennium Marks Autographs

GREAT autograph set here...

GREAT autograph set here...

I’ve decided to add a brand new feature here which will display some of my personal collection while keeping with the blog’s theme: Old School Hits. In this feature, I will be displaying autographs and game-used cards from the year 2000 and back (before the GU situation got out of hand). Just a note, all cards displayed here will be cards I actually own, unless noted otherwise. Some cards will also be available for trade. I’ll let you know which ones. Anyway, with the 1997 love going around, I thought I’d start off with something from that year: a 1997 Donruss Signature Millennium Marks autograph of my favorite player, Paul O’Neill.

Yes, he used to be thin!

Yes, he used to be thin!

Insert sets aside, there were 3 types of autographs in Donruss Signature: basic, Millennium, and Century. An example of a basic autographed card can be seen on the right (not mine). One might think that the Millennium cards are a parallel to the basic autographs, but they really aren’t. There are 143 subjects in the Millennium set, but only 117 subjects in the basic autographed set. The Century set also has 143 and features a blue background. Print runs for the 3 sets are as follows:

Basic: 150-3900 of each
Millennium: 1000 of each, with SP’s of 900 and 400
Century: 100 of each, with only 62 of Nomar Garciaparra

My Paul O’Neill card is not shortprinted and is stamped as number 0113 (out of 1000). Feedback on this new feature is appreciated and as always, thanks for reading!


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  1. I’m looking for the O’Neill ’97 Donruss Signature Millennium auto card, should you know of another or run across one in your travels…LMK. Thanks. Vaughn

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