Well enough is enough and it’s time for a change!

1998 WWF Superstarz Autograph

1998 WWF Superstarz Autograph

Yes, for all you wrestling fans, that was a reference to the late Owen Hart. In all seriousness though, this blog will be heading in a new direction very soon. Up until now, nearly all my posts (about 85% of them) had been strictly box reviews. If you’re reading this and thinking that I’ll stop busting boxes, that won’t be the case. I can assure you that. It’s just that with every post costing me money, I simply can’t afford to post as frequently as I did when I first made this blog (hence the 3 posts per month the last couple months).

However, I will be taking time to post about some mailday arrivals (so you’ll see what I actually collect!) and even run some contests, as well as whatever else comes to mind. I’ve just returned to trading after a bit of a hiatus and will have some very nice stuff incoming next week that I want to show off. As for the contests, well…..I guess I’m just a generous guy. Keep in mind that the box breaks are NOT going to be eliminated from this blog. After all, what would it be without them? I’ll still be providing in-depth reviews of older (not necessarily better!) products of years past while comparing/contrasting them with the products of today. It’s what I love doing.

Bottom Line: I know this is a blog that doesn’t particularly appeal to everyone and I’m fine with that. To the readers that I’ve gained in the past seven months, I appeciate all of you who have taken the time to read my reviews and all the feedback you’ve left me. I want to thank you guys for keeping up with this blog despite my slacking off in the writing department. I also want to make sure you’ll have a reason to check it out more often than just once every two weeks. A new Old School Breaks is coming…

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