1998 E-X2001 Baseball Review Box DEUX

I guess I really am a glutton for punishment. I decided to open another box of 1998 E-X2001. You may remember the review of this product I did earlier, but in case you missed it, check it out. Seeing how I’ve already described this product in detail earlier, I’ll just quickly go through the results. The good news was that I was able to find this box online for as cheap as I found it in the store in NJ. The bad news was that once again, there was nothing real noteworthy in this box. See for yourself…

Base cards: In this box, I received 45 base cards with no duplicates, which was 1 more than the 44 I received from Box 1. One of the packs from Box 2 contained an extra card. In a 2-card pack, I received 2 inserts and 1 base card. Between the 2 boxes, I have 79 total cards out of the 101 in the set and 10 duplicates (which includes that Wood EXCH). If you have any of these laying around, please let me know and I will e-mail you a wantlist. I want to finish this set out. I assure you, I will NOT be opening any more boxes of this crap E-X2001.

Stardate 2001 (1:12 packs): Box 1 yielded cards of Jaret Wright and Richard Hidalgo. Box 2 yielded cards of Jaret Wright (again!) and Jose Cruz, Jr. Well, they were hot back then anyway. Just a couple more dollar-inserts for the tradebox.

Cheap Seat Treats (1:24 packs): The first box yielded a card of Vladimir Guerrero, which I promptly traded. This time, I pulled 2 of these inserts: Scott Rolen and Tony Clark. In some bizarre twist, both of these came from the same exact pack, along with a base card of Chipper Jones. Hmm, so it was a ‘hot pack’ and featured the hottest hitter in baseball. Interesting. As far as luck went, that would be all from this box.

Final Thoughts: Fortunately, this box was once again available for cheap. Even though I pulled an extra insert this time, it was still a pretty pedestrian box overall (no autographs, credentials, etc.). This was probably one of those products that was better to open by the case, rather than the box, but they can’t all be winners. I suggest that if you decide to open some of this product, get more than 1 box if possible. They’re cheap enough, it’ll take a few boxes to make a set, and the bigger hits seem to fall in every few boxes or so anyway. Plus, if you get any duplicates, be sure to contact me!

As always, thanks for the read and good luck with your own breaks!

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  1. How many Jose Cruz Jr.’s have you pulled or do you have in total? I’d be interested in trading for them.

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